Join MENA’s Biotech Trailblazer, pave the way!

We are solving Biotech’s most challenging problems, with MENA region’s top talent on the driving wheel! We are leading MENA’s biotech revolution, backed by the region’s top VC’s (Sawari, Shorooq & More!) the world’s leading Biotech accelerator (IndieBio), and a rich network of academic & industry advisors.

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Our labs and infrastructure position us to innovate and lead, globally

Our Cairo office

is the best-prepared lab in Egypt for Protein testing and purification, all the way from SPR to full-on cell culture.

Our Boston office

is live! We are holders of the golden ticket issued by Thermofisher’s and Labshares’ collaboration, giving us a partner’s seat in the greater Boston biotech ecosystem.

Our culture


We value our values.

Many companies have nice-sounding statements like integrity, leadership ..etc. Our values are both: more defined, and naturally, more valued. Our appreciation to our values is demonstrated by who gets rewarded, promoted, hired, or let go. We also think of everyone at Proteinea as responsible for maintaining these values.


Freedom and Ownership

We believe in the "rare responsible person". They who have the autonomy and initiative to act based on context, not controls. At Proteinea, each individual owns their task. That is, they move it from start to finish at their own standards. We seek people who thrive on freedom, and thus are worthy of it.


Highly Aligned, Loosely Coupled.

Our system is a middle between highly centralized decision making (tightly coupled) and Independent Silos (every team for itself). We choose to have as few meetings as possible, only for context and strategy. That is, no one tells you a technical plan, because in most cases, you are the expert.


Context, not Control

Most possibly, you will manage at least a task at Proteinea. We believe that best managers figure out how to get great outcomes by setting the appropriate context, not by controlling and giving instructions. Good context examples are strategy, metrics, and clearly defined roles. Control is basically when any progress requires management approval.


We value Good {X}

We value good {communication}: 90% of the time you are dealing with people from a different background. Hence, we appreciate people who listen and can articulate their ideas well. We value good {judgement}: 90% of the time you make your own decisions. Your teammates need to trust your judgement and thinking process.


We value high {X}

We value high {curiosity}: otherwise, all the new things you learn will feel exhausting. We value high {selflessness}: We want ego-less people who honestly only search for the best ideas. Don't let yourself get in the way. We also value sharing relevant information and thought process openly and proactively.

Our Team

Our team is exactly the kind of group that you would envision to spearhead the biotech revolution. A complex multi-domain challenge needs a multidisciplinary team of ever-growing hulks.

We are the nerdy hustlers. Curiosity driven human beings. We come from CS, bio, and business backgrounds, but we jump in-between domains, plunging towards our shared goals.  We work together, and have fun together. From kayak rides to culinary expeditions, we organize a monthly funday for team building, where we eat and have fun together.

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