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Ankh: Pioneering the paradigm shifting technology of protein language models

To model the language of life (i.e., the language of proteins) in a data-efficient and cost-optimized modality, we need a meaningful representation encompassing its structural and functional information. Proteinea has developed -and is continuously improving- Ankh, a revolutionary base protein language model that will change the landscape of protein engineering with AI forever

protein optimization

Multi-Parameter Optimization: Explore How We Made an Already Exceptional Protein Better

Integrating Ankh and other proprietary models, our Protein engineering platform (PEP) is capable of multi-parameter protein optimization of complex proteins. Here, we showcase how we have integrated several components of our platform to engineer a protein integral in many biotechnology industries to enhance multiple parameters, stability, and solubility.

Image of a big dna molecule, closeup

The Power of Codon Optimization: Lower immunogenicity and aggregation with exceptionally higher yield

Proteinea codon optimization managed to increase the yield of antibody expression 300 - 600% while increasing protein stability and reducing immunogenicity. This's all due to our codon optimization models CodonSP, no single amino acid change.