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Pioneering the future of AI-enabled biologics design for next-generation antibody medicines

Proteinea is a TechBio employing proprietary AI models and computational tools to engineer next-gen antibodies with improved efficacy, safety and convenience

Smarter, Faster, and Safer
Protein Engineering Platform

Explore novel hits deep and wide

Our pipelines utilize an ensemble of a variety of diverse learning objectives to overcome computational bias. For hits generation, we simultaneously operate on sequence and structure spanning our reinforcement learning-editors, deep learning-based fitness landscape reconstructors, and rational design proprietary frameworks.

Ensure optimum protein characteristics & high likelihood of design success

We leverage the consensus of state-of-the-art physics-based tools, AI-based predictors, and molecular dynamics pipelines to evaluate the efficacy, yield, safety, and pharmacological properties of our generated hits. 

Swift and cost-effective Experimental Lead Validation Capabilities 

We promote knowledge-guided optimization by iterative feeding back from both computational and experimental validation pipelines. We utilize our lab facilities specialized in the production and functional testing of therapeutic proteins with smart experimental throughput. 

Exceeding the world’s best protein transformers

Ankh is the first general-purpose protein transformer trained on Google's TPU v4 that exceeds the performance of the current world best transformers in a representative poll of structure and function benchmarks with less than 10% of the parameters and 30% of the embedding dimension.

Our innovations

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FC Engineering to enable subcutaneous antibody formulation and beyond

Fc-SubQer offers novel compositions and methods involving the modification of the constant region of antibodies. These compositions have been designed to ensure that they do not have any detrimental effects on important properties of antibodies, including affinity, stability, and biological functions such as effector function and half-life

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RaGene -  AI Enabled Codon Optimization for Maximal Expression yield

RaGene is an AI-driven gene design platform specializing in codon optimization, with significant promise to address challenges and deliver innovations in protein expression, mRNA therapeutics, cell therapy, and gene therapy.

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