Charging the future of biologics to tackle life-threatening diseases

Proteinea makes biotherapeutics design smarter, safer, and faster by leveraging novel deep-learning models & platforms integrated with smart experimental throughput.

Smarter, Faster, and Safer
Protein Engineering Platform

Explore novel hits, deep and wide.

Meaningful Protein Representation: To model the language of life, we need a meaningful representation encompassing its structural and functional information. We used our top-performing state-of-art language models to represent our target

Our protein mining algorithm and massive database of original protein sequences, annotations & representations help access and utilize all the known information about any desired target to ensure corners of search space that are only reachable by us.

Replace tedious library-based biology with intelligent knowledge-based design.


To generate top-performing hits, we employ our hit generation engine, LockSmith.AI, that harvests the state-of-art in deep learning and reinforcement learning to achieve integrational optimization

Ensure optimum protein characteristics & high likelihood of design success.


To deliver high-confidence variants for experimental validation, we exploit our holistic filtration engine, CliniGo.AI, to aim for leads via a multi-layered and multi-path sequence and structural analysis.

exceeding the world’s best protein transformers

Ankh is the first general-purpose protein transformer trained on Google's TPU v4 that exceeds the performance of the current world best transforms in a representative poll of structure and function benchmarks with less than 10% of the parameters and 30% of the embedding dimension.

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Multi-Parameter Protein Optimization: Explore how we made an already exceptional protein Better

Using our PEP platform with Ankh at the core of it, we engineered the protein stability of a commercial recombinant protein to perform folds better while increasing its binding affinity and production yield.

The Power of Codon Optimization: Lower immunogenicity and aggregation with exceptionally higher yield

Proteinea codon optimization managed to increase the yield of antibody expression 300 - 600% while increasing protein stability and reducing immunogenicity. This's all due to our codon optimization models CodonSP, no single amino acid change.

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