Join The Place for Biotech in MENA.
Backed by Indie-Bio, the world’s leading scientific accelerator in Silicon Valley, Proteinea’s team of scientists and Engineers is on a mission to put the MENA region at the Biotech world frontiers.
Help us harness Molecular Biology, AI, and Automation to get there!
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Let's hack this, together !

At Proteinea, we care about scaling state-of-the-nature biology, for production. Join us in our journey to redefine building with biology.

Insects are good at producing very complex proteins, but to reach this point, it took them millions of years. Help us harness their machinery to design and produce proteins in a few weeks !

Challenging? It is. But we are betting on you!

Biotech requires interdisciplinary & highly skilled R&D teams, hack-fully skilled engineers, and endless enthusiasm (for, ehm, when things don’t work for the first 10 times). 

If you think you have a passion for researching the intricacies of nature, scaling research, designing automated processes, and can gracefully communicate your genius to your interdisciplinary team, then -by all the necessary means- please join us.

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It’s not the place, it’s the people, the spirit, and the mentality. Meet our team of -only like yourself- unique bright minds.

Rana Hashish
R&D Lead
Photo of Rana Hashish


"One of my most remarkable moments at Proteinea was when we got accepted into IndieBio. I guess we already knew how big and important it is what we are building. We could see it in how everyone is goal-oriented and keen on pushing the limits of what's possible in their domains. But being recognized helped everyone feel we are doing it right."

M. Elkerdawy
Chief Informatics Officer
Photo of Mohamed Elkerdawy


" One of the best things about working at Proteinea is getting to own Projects that require state of the art technology. It's a great learning experience not only because I get exposed to such knowledge, but also because interacting with my colleagues who accept nothing less than the best in their own fields has been very humbling and enriching in its own right. "

Our Culture

At proteinea, we care about scientific products and the people who make them. Here is how our beliefs shape our work environment.

1. We value our values.

Many companies have nice-sounding statements like integrity, leadership ..etc. Our values are both: more defined, and naturally, more valued. Our appreciation to our values is demonstrated by who gets rewarded, promoted, hired, or let go. We also think of everyone at Proteinea as responsible for maintaining these values.

2. Freedom and Ownership

We believe in the "rare responsible person". They who have the autonomy and initiative to act based on context, not controls. At Proteinea, each individual owns their task. That is, they move it from start to finish at their own standards. We seek people who thrive on freedom, and thus are worthy of it.

3. Highly Aligned, Loosely Coupled.

Our system is a middle between highly centralized decision making (tightly coupled) and Independent Silos (every team for itself). We choose to have as few meetings as possible, only for context and strategy. That is, no one tells you a technical plan, because in most cases, you are the expert.

4. Context, not Control

Most possibly, you will manage at least a task at Proteinea. We believe that best managers figure out how to get great outcomes by setting the appropriate context, not by controlling and giving instructions. Good context examples are strategy, metrics, and clearly defined roles. Control is basically when any progress requires management approval.

5. We value Good {X}

We value good {communication}: 90% of the time you are dealing with people from a different background. Hence, we appreciate people who listen and can articulate their ideas well.
We value good {judgement}: 90% of the time you make your own decisions. Your teammates need to trust your judgement and thinking process.

6. We value high {X}

We value high {curiosity}: otherwise, all the new things you learn will feel exhausting.
We value high {selflessness}: We want ego-less people who honestly only search for the best ideas. Don't let yourself get in the way. We also value sharing relevant information and thought process openly and proactively.

Open Positions

Btw, we are always hiring.

We are expanding, and growing so fast -- that our shirts don't fit anymore. No, honestly, none of our team members fit specific "job descriptions". They are multi-talented hulks, who have only outgrown their earlier skillsets since they came along. But hey, you are a hulk, too. If you are keen on adding value and are interested in joining Proteinea but not sure where you fit, we feel you. Send us a small piece of your relevant expertise and/or how you can help us become better and let's talk, we will figure it out together: